iLuxe Lash Education is the easiest way to become a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist. Each course comes with exclusive iLuxe training manual that has everything you’ll ever need to know about lashing beginning with;

the history of lash extensions, the anatomy of the eye, shaping and styling guides down to the science behind adhesives, product knowledge, pesky allergies and so much more. Every student will receive a lash kit which includes; supplies to help complete 50-75 clients after completing the course. Offering several training options to suit your needs for our Classic Lash Extension course; 1-1 Training, or the Group Training Course.

Enjoy either 1 Day of hands on training or a 2 Day Group training (Day1 = 8hours & Day 2= 4 hours) with the most in depth education within the industry.

Individual's who successfully complete the course will receive a iLuxe Certificate of completion and you'll be equipped with the skills, knowledge and tips to add to this lucrative service.

NOTE: This certification is NOT a license or a substitute for a license. This certification confirms student has a rigorous understanding of health, sanitation, technique, design, application of eyelash extensions. Please check with your states licensing laws.

Want to set up One-on-One Training we are happy to assist. Not sure which option suits you best? Email us at or Book Online.

Training Lash Kit Includes:

  • Three trays Salon Professional synthetic mink eyelashes. You Choose, Either Single Size or Mixed Length .15 Thickness Lashes (C,D Curl) and 1 (.18 Thichness) C or D Curl 

  • Skyy Xtra Strength Adhesive

  •  Gel Glue Remover

  • Lash Primer

  • Glue Rings – 25 pcs

  • Jade Stone

  • Eye Gel Patches, 20 pairs

  • 3M Micropore Tape ½” - 1 roll

  • 3M Double Sided Tape - 1 roll

  • Disposable Eyelash Spoolies – 50pcs

  • Micro Brush, Regular Tip – 50 pcs

  • Eyelash Cleansing Brush

  • Extra Long Precision Point Tweezer, 5.5"

  • Angular Handle Tweezer, 5.5”

  • Eyelash Extension Lash Aftercare Message 

  • Black Nylon Travel Lash Case

  • Client Application Palette and Case – 1 pcs.

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