Group Training




iLuxe Classic Level Lash Course:  

Each course comes with exclusive iLuxe training manual which goes in depth about eyelash extension in a Group setting, a Lash Bed and Light is included within this class.


2-Day Course, Approx. 12 hours

1st Day - 8 hours

 (Manual Comprehension, Theory, Placement, Mannequin, Practice  

Marketing with Marketing Consultant)

2nd Day- 4 hours

Live Model Training 

The Fundamentals of Lash Extensions:

  • The History of Lash Extensions 

  • Eyelash Function & Eyelash Growth Cycle

  •     Eyelash Functions

  • Eyelash Growth Cycle

  •  Safety & Sanitation is the Key

  •    Understanding Eye Shapes and Lash Shaping 

  •   Client Release Form 

  •     Client History Questions 

  •   Medical History Questions 

  •    The Waiver and Release Form 

  •    The Lash Application Technique 

  •     After Care Instructions 

  •   Marketing

NOTE: This certification is NOT a license or a substitute for a license. This certification confirms student has a rigorous understanding of health, sanitation, technique, design, application of eyelash extensions. Please check with your states licensing laws.

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